Companies that hired me or used my freelance services:


Interpreting, translation and administration services

Mitsui & Co. (Brasil) S.A.

Mitsui & Co., Ltd. is one of the largest general trading companies in Japan; it is part of the Mitsui Group, and Its business area covers energy, machinery, chemicals, food, textile, logistics, finance, and more. I was enployed at Mitsui & Co. (Brasil) S.A., a Branch office in Rio de janeiro. My main duties included interpreting from Japanese to Potuguese and administrative services.





Interpreting and Translation


The Asahi Shinbum

The Asahi Shimbun is one of the five national newspapers in Japan. Asahi was present in Brazil during the Olympic Games, where I assisted the team members before the games (guiding photographers and journalists checking the preparations) as well as during the games interpreting interviews with athletes, government members and company managers.





Translation and Interpreting

Translation and Interpreting

Kokusai Kogyo

Kokusai Kogyou is a Japanese company that provides solutions for geospatial and urban planning as well as disaster and environmental management. The company is working with JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) on a project which aims for the creation of a Brazilian Landslide Disasters Management Manual.




Interpreter and Translator

Interpreter and Translator


IHI was the company in charge of the press installation for Nissan factory in Resende. I worked side by side with electrical and mechanical engineers from IHI, as well as companies hired by IHI (such as Fuji Electric, Toshiba, Shinki Densou), from August 2013 to July 2014. My duties included interpreting daily meetings on the press installaton updates, interpretation of installation procedures on site and translation of electrical and mechanical manuals, e-mails and reports. The press requires maintanance and exchange of parts from time to time. I work with IHI team members when such operations are made.



In-house Interpreter and translator for 1 year

In-house Interpreter and Translator

Nissan Brazil

I worked at Nissan Resende Factory as an interpreter, assisting the communication between Japanese Supervisors and Brazilian Operators. The main work was the production of car parts and the maintenance of the parts molds and the press itself. I interpreted a great number of meetings regarding production and maintenance, as well as trainings on software and the press mechanics. As many Japanese expatriates came to Brazil for the factory construction, I also assisted with interpretation regarding visas and other documents, as well as medical checks.



Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive Interpreting



Lions Club – Rio de Janeiro

The Lions Club from Rio de Janeiro received the visit from their international President for 2015-2016 on August. The President visited schools, went sightseeing and met his Brazilian fellow Lions.





simultaneous interpretation



Unicharm – Mammy Poko

Unicharm is responsible for many different brands, one of the is Mammy Poko diapers. I interpreted a research with mothers that used the product for their children in order to listen to their opinion as consumers.




Translator in-house for 1 year

In-house Translator


Grupo Primacy Translations

Primacy is a Brazilian translation company, established more than 10 years ago, receiving many awards for translation quality. I worked as an in-house translator, mainly translating documents from English to Portuguese and vice versa, occasionally also translating documents from Japanese. Our main clients were companies from the Gas & Oil industry.




Freelance Translator (Games) Japanese -> Portuguese

Freelance Translator (Games) Japanese -> Portuguese



Dico is a Japanese game planning and development company which also provides game localization to many languages. I joined the Brazilian team of freelance translators and translated large parts of Japanese games to Portuguese language.





Freelance works (law) Japanese -> Portuguese

Freelance Translator (Legal) Japanese ->English




Transperfect is an American company based in New York,  with offices in over 85 cities on 6 continents. I provided my services as a freelance translator translating legal documents from Japanese to English.




Freelance translation Japanese -> Portuguese

Freelance Translator (Interviews) Japanese -> Portuguese



Bureau Translations

Bureau Translations is a translation company with ofices in Miami and São Paulo. I provided services as a freelance translator translating interviews from Japanese to Portuguese.







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